General Information


You only need a GA or VIP ticket to ride the free shuttle from Whangamata to the show and back.

If you going to drive you need a GA Parking Ticket (not required if you have a VIP ticket).

There is no parking around the Whangamata Area School so please make your way there on foot to catch the shuttle.

The shuttle bus will leave from Whangamata Area School on Port Road. The trip to Joe’s Farm is approximately 15-20 mins. You cannot get the shuttle if you are intoxicated. You must show your ticket before you get on the bus. If you drive yourself you must have a ticket before you drive to Joe’s Farm. Tickets are available from United Video in Whangamata or Blackjack Surf, Whitianga, Outback Surf, Pauanui or online at Buses will leave from 4.00pm.

The bus drop off area at the farm is the same area for catching the shuttle bus back to Whangamata after the show. Return to this area for your trip home. The first bus will be ready to leave from 11.00pm and a continuous service will run from then. You will have a choice of three destination bus stops for your return. These are situated at Ngati Porou Place, Island View Road and Whangamata Area School. Catch the right bus home.

Charter Bus TBA from Whiritoa, Tairua and Opoutere.

Pick up and drop off points are Tairua toilets by Pepe Reserve (Main Rd), Pauanui Community Hall on centreway and outside Whiritoa Lifeguard 1 Kon Tiki Road, Whiritoa