Our Mission

Joe's Farm like so many rural locations around New Zealand is confronted with rising costs and the limitations of block size. This is a working beef cattle farm and will continue operations as such throughout all planned events. The mission of Joe's Farm is to preserve and enhance the open space while continuing to breed the fine Murray Grey herd that the farm is famous for.

Riparian plantings to protect the riverbank and hillside planting to prevent soil erosion are underway with local conservation volunteers spending many hours helping to clear and plant. There are many opportunities to participate in work at Joe's Farm. If you are interested in work on the farm or at farm events apply here:
Volunteer Work ApplicationWorker Application


The aim with large gatherings is to further progress into sustainable waste management and ensure developing processes that focus on composting and recycling.

The fundraising and conservation initiatives will ensure a future for Joe's Farm. A future that will see a new community space established which will provide opportunities for tangata whenua, embrace local resources as well as welcome visitors to learn about and enjoy part of our farming heritage.

Clean water, clean air, clean earth – JOE'S FARM.

Want to host your event at our beautiful farm near Whangamata?